In Lagos, the average temperature yearly is about 26.8 degrees Celsius (80.2 degrees Fahrenheit) and People like doing outdoor activities such as going for picnics, going for beach parties or and for medical purpose which is to deliver medicine to villages and rural areas where there is no little or no electrical power. They need a Portable cooler box to keep cooling their food or medicine. This design was modelled with the following goals in mind:

  • Building an efficient device that is environmental friendly
  • Making it low cost for use in rural area
  • Using renewable energy technology
  • Power optimization
  • Compact design
  • Mobility

    ice-pro plans



    The proposed solution is ICE-PRO. Ice-pro is a solar powered cooler box that uses thermo electric cooling effect to keep the inside cold which will be efficient enough to work in area with low or no electricity available. This cooler is design to work for about 8 hours even without solar is going to have the following features:

  • Cooling up to -8 degrees Celsius
  • Charging port
  • Temperature display
  • Auto on and off to reduce power loss
  • Stable freeze rate
  • Detachable solar panel
  • Easy to use

  • In the Ice-pro, sola panel is used for powering the system which provides DC power. A battery is used to store the charge of the solar panel. In between the solar panel and the battery, a solar charge controller is used to regulate the voltage output from the solar panel and prevent battery from being overcharged and overheated. The Atmega microcontroller is used to make up for the large power loss of the Peltier cooler by turning on the cooler only when it is needed (i.e. it will turn it off and on with respect to the temperature reading from the temperature sensor) The ice-pro is designed to last up to12 hours even without power, the wall is made of thermocol (polystyrene) because of its economic value and it is a good insulator of cold and heat which would keep the cold in and it also won’t allow the heat of the battery affect the operation of the cooler box



    The ICE-PRO needs to be able to support a load of about 100w so we are going to use two solar panel of 12v,50watt each connected to a solar charge controller of 10A,12v and connected to a battery of rating 12v 4000mAH




    The cost analysis for this project is done as follows. All components along with the miscellaneous cost are included in the total cost of the Ice-pro.


    As shown above the total cost of the ice-pro is approximately forty thousand naira (#40,000), in this total cost the solar panel accounts for the major portion while to overall cost of the ice-pro without solar is #18000 naira which means we can have an alternative design for a system take can work for 12 hours with a single charge. During the mass production of the ice-pro, the overall cost of it will be educed substantially making it cheap and economical for users.

    The enlarged pictures are attached to this file

    ice-pro ice-pro ice-pro ice-pro


    One of the main aim was to make the ice-pro as feasible as possible. solar power was used because it’s the greenest energy available, and it is inexhaustible. The parts used to build it can be locally sourced for easy implementation.


    Solar power nowadays is playing a major role in meeting energy requirements of most countries in the world. it is being developed at a very fast rate and its applications in many areas are being explored. The ice-pro is intended at exploring the same and provides an efficient and economical solution to the areas where there is no electricity and cooling is required. The application of the ice-pro is very wide and it can be used in various places for variety of operations Though the ice-pro has not being prototyped yet, improvements and changes will be made during the prototyping stagesto make the ice-pro more sophisticated and user friendly. And these changes will play an important role in making available different variations of ice-pro, some of the possible changes are:

  • Increasing the number of Peltier unit to further decrease

    the temperature in the cooler
  • Add adjustable temperature function
  • Increase the size to accommodate more things
  • It can be designed to also act as a heater if well insulated
  • Wooden bottom can be used to reduced heat absorbed from the floor