In this tutorial we take a look at exactly what getting into building electronics projects involves, the kinds of great gadgets you can build yourself, what you’ll get from spending your time with electronics, and what you need to commit to take the plunge. we are going to start by explaining some few questions frequently asked.

Do you dream of building an automated farm, a voice-controlled home or perhaps a model of the escalator at ikeja city mall with levers moving objects around? Is your goal to create a robot with a programmed brain that enables it to serve your every command? Well, those aren’t exactly what we categorize as electronics projects.

Certainly, electronics projects are often combined with mechanical structures that use motors, and a robot has electronic components driven by microcontrollers and computer programs but for now we will focus on projects that use simple electronics components to form a circuit that directs voltage to produce effects such as motion, sound, or light. By keeping to this simple approach, you can pick up all the basic skills and discover all the common components and tools that you need to work on a wide variety of projects for years to come.

An electronic circuit might run a motor, light an LED display, or set off sounds through a speaker. It uses various components to regulate the voltage, such as capacitors and resistors. A circuit can also use integrated circuits (ICs), which are teeny, tiny circuits that provide a portion of your circuit in a very compact way. This saves you time micromanaging pieces of the project because somebody else has already done that job for you, such as building a timer chip that sets off a light intermittently. Let us get started with the basic components we are going we are definitely going to be using throughout our journey as makers and engineers.

These components are the building blocks of microelectronic circuits called integrated circuit(IC). What you need to get started

There are some basic tools you need to have to start building electronic circuits, some of them are

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